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Silence is Golden – How to Setup a Noise Gate in OBS

The noise gate audio filter in OBS is the second audio filter I would recommend for your microphone. A proper noise gate will not only stop any background noise that you can’t control like the clicking sounds from your keyboard or the sound of traffic outside, but it will also help prevent any noises you […]

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How to Use Nvidia ShadowPlay

One of the most common tools a content creator will look for is a program that will allow them to record their gameplay and desktop. Applications such as OBS while free involves in depth knowledge to get a quality recording and audio balancing. What I want to talk about is a program that is overlooked […]

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How to Setup Bizhawk Shuffler

If you’re looking for a new way to play retro games or a new way to entertain your viewers then you should really check out this mod called Bizhawk Shuffler. Originally created by Brossentia, host of Kusogrande on Twitch. Bizhawk Shuffler is a mod that will take a set of games and will shuffle their […]

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How to Use the Image Mask Filter in OBS

When it comes to improving the presentation of your stream the OBS effect filter tool, image mask, can be a great effect way to personalize and give your stream layout its own identity by making sources such as images or webcams to have the appearance of other shapes such as a circle. In this guide […]