My name is Tenmar and this is my site dedicated towards talking about video games. Video games has been one of my main hobbies since I was a child and have gone through the days of Atari to today. I’ve enjoyed a wide variety of games but particularly enjoy beat em ups, role-playing games, dungeon crawlers, roguelikes, and adventure games. The best part of video games to me is enjoying the stories developers want to tell and the gameplay that makes you part of the story. Be it going on an adventure as Adol the Red in Ys or destroying giant alien invaders in Earth Defense Force.

I’ve been streaming on Twitch since 2015 where I stream “Beat the Backlog”, where I focus on beating all the games from my backlog from the NES to current generation games. All games in my backlog can be found in my backloggery.

I am also a moderator for various Twitch Partners for over a decade such as ProtonJon, Tom Fawkes, and Lucahjin supporting their community and business.