From Video Games to Burlesque: Why Twitch is to Blame

Once again Twitch’s reputation is once again brought into question thanks to once again to their biggest name streamers on their website, Amouranth and IndieFoxx.

The two have been suspended from Twitch again for violating Twitch’s terms of service for sexual content. Both were streaming what they called “Earlicking ASMR Yoga Pose” where they would dress up in lingerie and other outfits and lick a binaural for hours. Donating hundreds of dollars would garner writing the donators name on their body and the goal of farting into the microphone.

IndieFoxx ranked #181 most watched streamer on Twitch according to TwitchTracker.
Amouranth ranked the 68th highest viewed streamer according to TwitchTracker.

So, why does this sexual content keep happening on Twitch? Why haven’t these streamers been banned despite multiple and repeated violations for sexual content in the Twitch Terms of Service?

While everyone else is taking their outrage on Amouranth and Indiefoxx, they are a symptom and not the cause of the problem. The ugly truth is the reason why Twitch has gone from a website about streaming video games to a website where people can sell sex is because of Twitch itself.

Twitch’s policies and actions is the reason why selling sex on Twitch has grown to be a dominant force and becoming the core identity of the website. They may have a terms of service for sexual content but the enforcement is never enforced in a consistent manner for an organization as large as Twitch. Twitch also has taken actions to accommodate streamers who sell sex by creating dedicated categories for them.

So let’s go over why Twitch is to blame for making their website go from streaming video games to streaming burlesque. What Twitch can do to prevent further controversies and understand why accommodating any streamer only hurts Twitch as a business.

Failure #1: Twitch Created the Category Pools, Hot Tubs and Beaches

Creating a new category on Twitch is an extremely rare act for Twitch. For a streaming website that has left it’s roots to be just about video games, they have not created many new categories. So it should be surprising to see Twitch actually react and create a new category and the reason why they created the category Pools, Hot Tubs, and Beaches is important.

The reason Twitch created the Pools, Hot Tubs, and Beaches category was in reaction to streamers such as Amouranth and Indiefoxx using the Just Chatting category and started streaming by having a inflatable pool in their room while they sit in the pool for hours in a bikini.

The focus stopped being about chatting with their audience but to sit in the inflatable pool and write the names of people who donated enough money. There were so many streamers doing this that it became what was known as the “hot tub meta”.

This pushed the boundaries of Twitch’s terms of service for sexual content as now the question of what is appropriate attire was brought into question. It gave streamers like Amouranth a way to be in a bikini and sell sex better than her competition and garner more attention.

Now Twitch could of contacted and communicated with their top streamers like Amouranth and stop. Instead, Twitch chose to create a new category. While their blog post gives their rational, and streamers like Amouranth and others did move to the Pools, Hot Tubs, and Beaches category. In less than a month upon being created, top talent like Amouranth and Indiefoxx have abandoned the category and left going back to the Just Chatting category.

Failure #2: Double Standards and Lack of Consistent Enforcement

Double standards is a part of life. Life isn’t fair. It’s not what you know, but who you know.

Whenever Twitch has come to a crossroads of enforcing their Terms of Service, Twitch has always received criticism that there is two sets of rules.

Despite violating the the same part of the terms of service regarding sexual content. Streamers whose content isn’t focused on selling sex have been banned permanently from Twitch while streamers who sell sex only get suspended.

While context does matter, the lack of consistent enforcement of Twitch’s Terms of Service has damaged Twitch’s reputation where your connection and relationship with Twitch staff can be a key factor if you are permabanned or suspended.

A perfect example would be the streamer Alinity. Alinity is one of the top streamers on twitch and has a controversial history, most notably when she threw her own cat while she was streaming. However, on April 24, 2020 Alinity lifted up her shirt and showed her breast on stream while she was playing a pillow on her belly.

Despite a clear violation of Twitch’s terms of service on sexual content, Twitch did not take action until Alinity herself had to ask for a suspension.

There are countless other top talent streamers and small streamers on Twitch who have been permanently banned for violating the same terms of service regarding sexual content. Twitch has an enforcement problem that has shown outright favoritism towards streamers that sell sex.

Amouranth and Indiefoxx Don’t Care About Twitch

They care about the money and their business will exist even if Twitch dies. So it doesn’t matter to them if Twitch will go under because they are millionaires and other means that generate more revenue than Twitch.

Twitch is the reason people like Amouranth and Indiefoxx are now millionaires but it is important to understand that their behavior and actions demonstrate that they and other streamers that sell sex on Twitch. Don’t actually care about Twitch as a company.

From a business perspective streamers that sell sex, Twitch is a means to an end. It’s an opportunity to reach out to a young demographic and lead them to their other social media where they sell their pornography. If Twitch stopped existing the very next day, it’s not the end of Amouranth’s or Indiefoxx’s business, only Twitch.

Amouranth and Indiefoxx and other creators will still have Twitter and Instagram to promote their Patreon and OnlyFans as their primary source of income if it isn’t already.

Take a look at their reaction on Twitter after they have received their suspension from Twitch. Does this sound like a person who is actually worried that their business would ruined and they would be financially ruined?

While Twitch does earn a significant amount of revenue from streamers like Amouranth and Indiefoxx. What good is making constant exceptions and accommodating streamers that sell sex when they consistently and constantly ruin Twitch’s reputation?

The Shock Jock Culture of Selling Sex

Twitch has to learn that they despite constantly accommodating and damaging their reputation as a company that these streamers are competing against each other for views on your website.

We’ve had the fastest turn around of streamers who sell sex go from sitting in inflatable pools in their condos to laying on their bed licking a binaural microphone in bed while claiming to do yoga in less than a month.

Like any other streamer, they are constantly in pursuit of making content that makes them stand out in the service that they sell so they can get the most views and lead them to other platforms like OnlyFans and Patreon. In the case of streamers like Amouranth and Indiefoxx, that is sex.

They know now that they can push the envelope of Twitch’s terms of service sexual content because Twitch constantly adjusts their sexual content policy around them. So expect more outrageous stunts from streamers looking to sell sex on Twitch.

They’ve come a long way baby!

It Harms No One…Except Twitch and the Other Streamers on Twitch

For over a decade the phrase “It’s not hurting anyone” has become a mantra when it comes to streamers who sell sex on Twitch.

Before I get into it, let’s get this one myth out of the way. No, streamers who are selling sex are not taking viewers. Viewers who watch streamers selling sex are watching them because they are looking for social interaction and developing a relationship with that streamer. Which they are likely to only support that streamer if they develop a parasocial relationship with them or become financially invested in them. Those viewers are not going to have an interest in retro games or programming or any other category that Twitch has to offer.

However, streamers like Amouranth and Indiefoxx has proven that their actions has done harm to Twitch and other streamers. Each controversy they or other streamers have created damages Twitch’s reputation.

The more Twitch has created new categories that didn’t require playing video games the more Twitch’s reputation has been damaged in the eyes of not only the viewers but also the general public.

While Twitch has done the best they can do to spin out good PR for themselves, the controversies keep coming because they are treating the symptoms and not the cause to save their reputation and Twitch from future controversies.

Let Social Beliefs Guide Your Business

Regardless of what you think about streamers who use Twitch to sell sex, the core problem and reason Twitch constantly deals with controversy after controversy is that the staff at Twitch is letting their social beliefs take precedent over Twitch’s Terms of Service.

It should not be surprising that Twitch as a company is full of people who are culturally sex positive. Twitch staff have been proven to watch streamers like IndieFoxx and Amouranth in their own free time. So it should not be a surprise that when violations happen is when controversy begins.

Twitch needs to do one final adjustment to their Terms of Service regarding sexual content. They need to change Twitch and their Terms of Service that matches their staff and leadership’s social beliefs in regards to content.

Twitch, if you’re against streamers selling sex. Be specific and definitive. Don’t put the onus on viewers, take an actual stance and define what is or is no sexual content. You’re the million dollar company owned by the wealthiest man in the world. Not the viewers.

Twitch, if you’re okay with streamers selling sex. Change the business to accommodate. You’ve already been doing it for over a decade now and the number of streamers who sell sex using your platform has only increased. Given your policy saying that you’ll monitor their actions on social media off Twitch, it suggests that you find it okay for streamers to sell pornography.

If you let your social beliefs match how your business is run, you won’t have to deal with controversies because both streamers and viewers will know what is and isn’t allowed.

Twitch’s reputation is damaged the more your staff does not enforce your terms of service sexual content policy fairly and equally. Streamers and viewers are looking for consistency and Twitch, you have been anything but consistent. Your staff is letting personal bias and their own morality affect their decisions as the streamers they like are let off the hook with suspensions while they permanently ban first offenders. At the end of it all, the reason why your biggest content creators use your platform to sell sex is because you’ve allowed it to happen.

It’s time for Twitch to be the leader of streaming and make a choice.