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Turn It Up! – How to Setup Gain in OBS

When it comes to balancing audio, there are more tools to reduce audio because when it comes to audio it is better to reduce audio than to increase it. Gain is the most straightforward audio filter as its only purpose is to take audio sources that are too loud or quiet and increase or decrease the volume to reach where you want your audio sources to be in the audio mixer.

When it comes to increasing or decreasing the volume of an audio source using the Gain audio filter, the only setting available is how much you want to increase the volume measured by decibels(dB). Thankfully, the audio mixer in OBS displays all audio source levels using decibels. It is best to refer to the audio mixer for each audio source and test the audio and decide by how many decibels you should increase or decrease using the Gain filter.

The best starting point for audio balancing is to refer to the audio mixer as it is divided into three parts. The green area is best suited for music, sound effects, and game audio. You’ll want to have these audio sources reach up to around -20dB. The yellow area is best suited for voices, so you’ll want to balance your microphone audio between -20dB to -10dB. Finally, there is the red area, you don’t want any audio sources to be in this area as any audio sources that go past 0dB will result in peaking and audio distortion.

To setup a Gain audio filter in OBS, follow these steps.

  1. In the audio mixer window, click the gear under the audio source and select Filters.
  2. Click on the + sign and select the Gain filter.
  3. Increase or decrease the Gain to your desired level.

Before you start using the Gain audio filter to reduce audio from your microphone or other audio sources. I’d recommend using the fader slider in the Audio Mixer window. The fader slider can reduce the audio for audio sources but can reduce the audio levels must further than the Gain filter. So, I highly recommend only using the Gain filter to increase the audio levels for your sources as there are better tools to reduce audio levels.

The Gain filter is a great filter if your microphone or game audio is too low in the audio mixer, and you can no longer increase the audio for your microphone or in the game settings. Increasing audio using the gain filter is simple as the filter increases audio using decibels so it is easy to notice the changes in the Audio Mixer window.